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Economic Overview

In the Goderich region, big city benefits meet rural Ontario's high quality of life. Goderich is the county seat of Huron County and the largest town. 

A network of municipal, county and provincial highways criss-cross Huron County, making large urban centres in Ontario and the United States easy to access. A private short-line railway and three airports provide more transportation options for businesses, as does Goderich harbour, a key industrial seaway depth harbour on the Great Lake-St. Lawrence seaway.

We have an active workforce of more than 30,000 people.

Three main economic sectors thrive in Huron County: agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.


Huron County is the most agriculturally productive county in Ontario. A leader in agricultural innovation and technology, there are many skilled tradespersons contributing to this important sector. Canada's largest inland grain handling facility can be found in the town of Hensall. 


Manufacturing is the lead revenue generator in Huron County, with manufacturing shipments now exceeding the value of gross farm receipts. 

Similar to the agricultural sector, there are many Huron County skilled tradespersons available to work. Major manufacturers such as Compass Minerals and Vestas recognize the outstanding work ethic of Huron County workers, which they attribute to Huron's rural and agricultural roots.


The natural beauty of the Lake Huron coastline and Huron County's rivers, wetlands and forests has attracted tourists for well over a century. The people of Huron County have built on this natural beauty and created many popular events and festivals to draw in thousands of tourists every year. These include the Celtic College and Celtic Roots Festival, the West Coast Blues Fest and the Walton Moto Cross.